Our lives are shaped by the manifestations of our hearts. When our hearts yearn for goodness and bear the desire to produce fruitful outcomes, we will reap a bountiful harvest in due time. Conversely, if our hearts allow distance and dissection from righteousness, the result will be a meager harvest. This essentially means that we will experience the consequences of our actions.


We are SICK OF SIN - a faith driven community dedicated to breaking the cycle of sin. Our mission is to present Christianity as a way of life rather than just a religion. We firmly believe that our stories and garments play a significant role in guiding your journey. Regardless of the path we've walked, God offers forgiveness for our mistakes. Through His gift of Grace and the sacrifice of His only son, Yeshua, we are granted the freedom to live beyond mere freedom itself. The blood shed by Christ paid the ultimate price for our wrongdoings, leading us to a life free from condemnation and bondage. We are now liberated from sin.